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For more than 10 years in the industry, the chronistsempelis had gained a lot of experience in giving SEO strategies and techniques to its many customers. Our areas of expertise continue to expand over the years, allowing business, small or large scale, to promote and advertise their products and services to thousands of people. We continue to bring you various specializations that will help you to further improve your website and business. We specialize in various areas including search engine optimization, web development and ecommerce, affiliate recruitment, social media optimization, content writing, hosting and server management, web analytics, reputation management and google tools.seo-servicesWith our search engine optimization services, we guarantee you a wider exposure for your website and increased visibility to various search engines. It can help your website gain a high rank on major search engines, allowing more visitors to visit your site or online store. SEO also increases the usability of your site and enhances user experience. You can have more customers and generate sales since your website has been search engine optimized. It will definitely put you ahead of your competitors and stand out even more.

We acquire specialization in web development and ecommerce. Ecommerce websites have become popular to many online users today. Online shopping had even become more common to people because of ecommerce websites. Many prefer online shopping than actual shopping over different stores. Retailers opt to use ecommerce website development even if they already have on-site stores at different countries. Through ecommerce websites, your products and services are more available to millions of people at great distances. It is also more convenient to shop since there will be no more opening and closing hours in ecommerce website. Your services are 24/7 available to all your clients, making them more engaged in shopping your products.

Affiliate recruitment program is important to any business since it helps you grow more clients and sales. Looking for new affiliates is beneficial because it is cost-effective. With it, you no longer need to invest on other promotional activities. You can also try new opportunities with affiliate marketing.

servicesSocial media optimization optimizes your site to different social media networks, blog sites, message boards, podcasts, and other online communities. SMO is closely related to search engine optimization. Through SMO, you can drive traffic to your website without spending a lot of money on search engine marketing. Your site will be more visible to various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, etc.

At chronistsempelis, we also offer you content writing services. Using content writing service is advantageous to your site if you want to increase its search engine rankings. An expert content writer would just add compelling and valuable content to your site and you will surely attract more customers to your website. They will also make your site updated with the latest topic content to keep your audience keep coming back for more.

Many businesses have various options for hosting their website, web application, or mail server. Shared hosting is the most commonly used option wherein a single server’s resources are shared by a number of websites. Here at chronistsempelis, we offer you hosting and server management. To generate more power and control, many companies look for a dedicated hosting and server. Managing your hosting and server eliminates further investments of purchasing your server. Through hosting, you can rent a server from various hosting provider. This will help you to have CPU, RAM, and extra disk space.

Web analytics help you monitor visitors and users, optimize your website and generate more sales. With web analytics, your website will be more updated with the latest internet site trends.

A good reputation in business is what everyone aspires. Having a good reputation is vital for your business growth and success. Gaining good reputation can give you more opportunities to promote your business. It is essential to reinforce your credibility to attract more customers to your website and generate more sales. Online reputation management is an effective marketing strategy for it will protect the good name of your company. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers and know more about your company or website.

Communication is beneficial to your website as exposes your site. Also, it helps in resolving conflicts or complaints with unsatisfied customers by communicating and discussing it to them.

Chronistsemepelis is always dedicated and committed to give you effective SEO strategies and techniques to ensure your website’s success.

We are always ready to accommodate all your marketing needs and exceed all your marketing expectations. We had been in the industry for many years, so we guarantee you quality SEO services you’ll never get anywhere.

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The Beauty and Relevance of Challenge Custom Coins

Having custom challenge coins has been a tradition of many organizations worldwide. These coins display the organization’s emblem and are carried by members. The name challenge coins originated from the first story of a soldier in World War I who lost all forms of self- identification except for his squadron’s coin. He was taken prisoner by the enemies but was  able to go back to his country’s quarters. Because of his lack of identification, he was almost executed. He was saved by his squadron’s custom coin, which he showed to prove that he’s who he says he is. From then on, the coin that the organizations like the army and the likes called their special coin a challenge coin.

Members of organizations are randomly challenged to show their custom coins as part of tradition. Often, a bet is made between the challenged and the challenger. If custom challenge coins are not shown, the challenged lose the bet; and vice versa. This is the organization’s way of preserving the importance of their challenge custom coins. They serve as a sign of belonging to a group, and such sign should be carried by the member at all times.

custom challenge coins

Custom coins are unique in each organization, as they carry the emblem of the group. They are also made of durable materials like metal and definitely made to last. These coins represent the organization, and their concepts are something to be proud of. Groups also give their challenge custom coins to respectable people whom they choose to be honorary members. It is a privilege to be given such a present because it’s a sign of being welcome for as long as the durable coin lasts; which is a long time, a lifetime even.

Because of the available market for challenge custom coins, many businesses offer services for making these coins. Most of them are pawnshops and companies that specialize in making pins and other organization paraphernalia. Bagging a deal of making these coins for an organization is a profitable business, as these coins are valuable and could be sold expensively. However, they should be done durably to ensure customer satisfaction. These coins should be timeless and flawless, if possible.

Having many custom coins is a status symbol. It symbolizes being recognized and honored by many organizations. High level politicians and businessmen who are active on civic affairs are commonly the ones presented these coins. If one is observant enough, custom challenge coins are displayed in offices of powerful people. They are comparable to trophies which symbolize being the champion of the people.

These coins are personalized and customized. They are keepsakes meant to outlive their owners and passed on from generation to generation. They may not have high monetary value aside from some exceptions, but they are an affirmation of a person’s value in an organization. It is a showmanship of character, as exclusivity is something that many covet but only a few achieve.

Having an exclusive line of custom challenge coins is a part of organizational custom that groups should preserve through time. It is a tradition that has a beautiful origin and should not have an end. Plaques and trophies may symbolize a similar affirmation, but they are not portable enough to be taken anywhere. Just like keeping pictures of loved ones in our smartphones so we can view them anytime, custom coins are a reminder of our belongingness in a group that we can constantly keep close. They are symbols of camaraderie, of a brotherhood that require a password at the entrance. Such is the value of custom challenge coins. They give access to closer relationships with people who share similar dreams and principles in life.

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Have These Two Professionals by Your Side When Buying a House

Real estate agents are the first ones that come to mind when planning to buy a house. But in truth, these professionals are not the only ones buyers need. For instance, you need a lawyer by your side as well. But the thought that lawyers are inflexible and expensive often makes buyers think that it is best to just hire an agent.

Typical Perception

Home buying is a long and complex process, especially for first-time buyers. So, it’s a good thing that there are professionals people can turn to in order to make the process easier and quicker. That’s the role played by real estate agents and lawyers in this type of transaction.

However, not many realize that they need the help of both professionals to ensure the smooth flow of the buying process. Back then, people turn to agents to seek for assistance. But the real estate industry has changed and so did these agents. Their service became more expensive leaving buyers to seek for alternatives in the form of lawyers. The problem is, hiring lawyers only made buyer’s job more difficult.

The Right Approach

That’s why experts now suggest that it is best to hire both. The buying process comes with too many complicated aspects that the involvement of an agent and lawyer can deal well with their expertise. Their combined force and expertise ensure a successful purchase. Hence, buyers should stop the notion that it’s best to hire one over the other. Instead, they should employ both. Doing so will help you get the best service possible while making your most important purchase.

A Justified Decision

HomeWhile there are state laws requiring either an agent or lawyer only in preparing home purchase agreements, there are other states that don’t. Assuming that you are residing in a latter state, you can benefit from hiring both by what each can do during the buying process.

Real Estate Agent

An agent’s work covers providing buyers with house tours at their convenience and coordinating tours directly with the listing agents. These professionals are from local multiple listing services, giving them access to market data that can help clients and meet their requirements. With their analytical skills, they can use such data to provide you with a professional opinion of value. Such kind of reliable and solid information is essential to make a successful purchase.

HomesAn agent is also valuable in obtaining access to a property, which you and an inspector will need to conduct an in-depth investigation of the house’s condition. The role of an agent is critical at this time since the task requires coordinating with the listing agent. The insight that an agent can provide about the neighborhood is also valuable for your decision-making. Lastly, it is the agent who drafts your offer and helps negotiate so you can get the final contract.

Real Estate Lawyer

While an agent plays an important part in the transactions during the process, a lawyer’s role is more focused on protecting your legal interests. The agent drafts your offer but a lawyer drafts and negotiates the contract. They keep an eye on things to avoid mistakes or any omissions that will cause legal consequences.

Their role also entails reviewing your purchase contract, working with the mortgage loan officer, home seller’s attorney as well as the agents. The purpose of this is to ensure that all important dates are set, including those for attorney approval, mortgage commitment and home inspection. That way, you won’t miss any of them and leave you paying for additional fees or unable to back out in case your find some flaws with the property.

That’s how an agent and lawyer can make the buying process easier for you and ensure a successful purchase. However, keep in mind that your role as a buyer does not end upon hiring these professionals. It helps to keep yourself educated as well to have an idea on what goes on during the home-buying process.

Hitting the Long Ball on the Golf Course

Welcome to the gentleman’s game of golf. A game where you will hear the strong “thwack” of a perfect swing and the soft murmur of swear words from someone missing their tee-shot. The game of golf has been known to create at least some semblance of obsession among its players and fans. Some are drawn to the sophisticated aura of the sport and luscious green landscapes, others fuss over the gear scouring all over magazines and online shops looking for the latest golf drivers, cleats, and fancy putters. And there are those who just enjoy driving around the golf cart. Who doesn’t?

Tips to Adding Big Yards to Your Golf Drivers

Hitting off the tee can pretty intimidating for some golfers, and if you are new to the game it will be especially difficult, almost driving you to the brink of insanity. So before you throw your clubs in frustration and take it all out on the caddy. Rockbottomgolf is the best online shop where you get all golfing equipment with best pricing options.

Here are some basic tips to help you improve your swing and save you from your own insanity.

1. Sometimes it is all about the equipment

Modern golf equipment is not necessarily designed to fit 7 – 8 degree drivers. At least, that is not the case anymore. You need to keep in mind that hitting the ball on a good trajectory is the key step for those longer drives. Most pros use 9 – 10 degree golf drivers to get the ball going 300+ yards. For amateurs, a more lofted 11.5 degree driver would be the better choice because it could give more consistency.

2. Align your front foot with the ball for a more lofty swing

GolfShift your weight backward as you go in for your backswing; that way, you could give more power to your swing.

3. Proper grip

Gripping harder and swinging harder is not the key for hitting the longer drive. A lighter grip pressure allows you to take advantage of the enhanced wrist hinge which is a vital part of your swing. A lighter grip also improves your chances of squaring the club.

4. Keep calm and don’t hurry your downswing

Keeping calm during your downswing will allow you to build up enough speed so that the club would still be accelerating as it reaches the ball.

5. Always stay flat

Remember this when swinging your golf drivers; for at least 20% of your swing, it should stay along the ground. If your club is going up, the ball will pop up instead of going on that long, incisive, missile drive – the kind that you see the golf pros hitting on a regular basis.

6. Lead hand should always be at an angle

Most beginners have a tendency to flip their hand in trying to get the ball up in the air. Your lead hand (left hand for most people, right hand if you are a lefty) should have a downward angle on the downswing. If your left hand flips up, you will not get a solid contact and will be missing consistently.

7. Go for the “V”

Golf CourseIt’s best to choose the spot which lines up with your target; stretch the wood towards it as you come from your address. Done right, your arms will be forming a “V” shape when both extended and you will find yourself getting more distance.

8. Follow through

Finish strong. Your swing should end up over your left shoulder or right shoulder (depending on your dominant hand). Don’t rush to look for where the ball landed. If you did things right, the ball will have gone straight.

9 Things Speakers Should Hear Before Giving That Speech

So, someone just got invited to deliver a keynote speech. Sure, this normally comes off surprising since people are not all born public speakers. But if one is offered to be a speaker, there is no need to fear or hide under the sheets for three days. As cliché as this sounds, speaking in front of a big audience should be seen as an opportunity and not a dreadful task. For starters, why would organizers invite someone they didn’t see fit to do the job? Before giving that talk, here are 9 pre-speech tips for to-be keynote speakers:

1.Plan ahead.

Successful people won’t be who they are without devoting time and passion in what they do. Same way, people who want to give successful speeches should allot time and be passionate about the talk they are about to give. Research ahead of time and make sure you are enjoying what you do.

2.Understand the purpose.

Since keynote speeches disclose what an event really is for, the purpose should first be clear to the speaker. Read about it. Write drafts and ensure that they are in line with the central theme.

3.Know the listeners.

keynote_speakersGreat keynote speakers know better than just deliver a speech without recognizing their audience. Remember that the talk has three dimensions: the speaker, the speech, and the audience. For an attention-grabbing speech, one must consider his audience in his word choices and ideas. The hint is this: know what people need to hear.

4.Get sense of humour ready.

Everyone loves speakers who can crack a joke or two. Unleashing one’s best punchlines will sure give him an attentive audience. Be reminded though of the right jokes to tell.

5.Listen to great speeches.

This is not so one can plagiarize or copy someone else’s nuts and bolts of inspirational stuff. Listening to other speeches delivered by professional keynote speakers is a good way of preparing oneself before he delivers his own. Learn from the experienced.

6.Prepare an outline.

Outlines can be very helpful to make sure one’s words are on track. Speakers don’t want to forget the main points and end up with a bad speech. Do not outdo this, though. A good speaker can give a kick-ass talk even without his cheat sheet.


One technique in giving speeches is to share a personal experience to illustrate a point. In writing out that fantastic speech, one could use a bit of recollection so he could extract some experiences to talk about. Listeners don’t need boring, I-just-want-to-say-that kind of experiences. A speaker needs something that will help him create the impression he is aiming for.

8.Trust yourself.

Things will start going wrong when one’s confidence falters. The greatest speakers are sure of themselves, and it shows in how they deliver their words. There is no need to worry if one has prepared.

9.Practice the talking.

Keynote speakers are different from just writers. One might have the best, extremely moving speech prepared, but without the guts to speak in front of people, it will just go to waste. If not used to this setting, there is still hope. He should try to practice beforehand, so as to make sure he articulates words correctly, and that he doesn’t talk too fast or stammers.

Giving a keynote speech is no easy task. It can only end up two things: a life-changing kind of talk, or an extremely boring, mediocre one. There is no shortcut or hack to just have that perfect keynote speaker image. One has to work on it, be passionate about it, and love all that he’s doing.

Badge Lanyard and Its Attachment Accessory

Badge lanyards are not only for showing your respect and compliance to the rules of your company or alma mater. Wearing them also indicates that you are one of the members of a certain company or organization. This only means that they are accountable to anything that may happen to you. Wearing the company’s badge also tells that you are representing the company as a whole. Typically, companies and organizations give badge lanyards to their employees and members for free. If lanyards are given for free, employees will be more encouraged to wear them daily.

badge lanyardsIn a badge lanyard, an ID badge is attached to a lace making it easier for you to put it around your neck. Since wearing a lanyard is very convenient, you can easily get used to wear your ID. However, it still depends on your memory if you will remember to wear your ID before going to work. There are a lot of lanyards you can choose from. Each of them belongs to a certain type of lanyard. Each type has its own purpose and features that can satisfy your personal necessities.

Here are some of the most commonly used badge lanyards.

Standard lanyard

Standard lanyards are available in different colors and sizes. It is usually comprised of a plain-colored lace with several prints. This is the simplest and the most cost-effective way to show your ID card. When buying standard lanyards, you are allowed to select a certain type of badge holder you want to use.

Earth-friendly lanyard

This type of lanyard is completely made out of recyclable materials. Aside from having an attractive lanyard, you are also saving the environment from additional pollutants.

Custom-printed lanyard

Custom-printed lanyards allow you to be more creative in designing your own lanyard. You can tell the manufacturer to put your artwork on the lanyard. Otherwise, you can perform mix-and-match with the shop’s available designs and patterns. You can give customized badge lanyards to your family and friends. These lanyards are also good for promoting businesses and events.

Breakaway lanyard

This lanyard is often used in factories, schools and other areas where security and safety are important. The design of this lanyard is intended to prevent students and workers from choking and other related accidents.

Aside from making your lanyard attractive, it is also important to ensure its durability. Check if the attachment accessory is durable. The attachment accessory is the one that connects the ID badge and badge lanyard together. Nobody wants his ID badge to get lost in an important event. In addition, ID is very important so losing it could be troublesome. Standard attachment accessories include grippers, clips, rings and hooks. Other types of attachment accessories are metal chains, chain adapters, strap clips and magnetic attachments.

Strap clip attachment accessories are usually used in schools and offices. The magnetic attachments use magnetic steel plates that connect the ID badge and badge lanyard together. The metal chains use aluminum materials for the attachment. Chain adapters have the same attachment mechanism with strap clips. Some of the barely used attachment accessories are expandable neck cords, retractable badge reels, clips with double-sided pads, and half-card holders.

Choosing one among the several types of badge lanyards is quite confusing. It is difficult to choose from different attractive designs. If you are willing to spare some money, you can collect several lanyards and display them at home. Otherwise, you can use different styles each day. Trading lanyards with your family and friends could be fun especially if they are personalized. What are you waiting for? Grab your own lanyard now!

Long Island Loan Modification Life Hacks

If you want to get the best Long Island loan modification, options possible, then you need to perform your due diligence. Below are a few ideas that should get you started.

Read Your Loan Documents

You need to understand what it is you actually have in your hands. Yes, you might have read the same before you signed it. But that was probably a couple of years ago. Read the loan documents again. Take down notes. Pay special attention to loan terms, interest rates, clauses that include figures or terms and conditions that affect your loan.

Know Your Finances

Growing home sales illustration designLong Island loan modification is for individuals who can afford their loan. This is based on your income and expense worksheet. If you took out a loan you cannot pay for, then modification is not your solution. There are of course factors that affect your ability to pay. For example; if you had to take a pay cut, then you may want to ask for a modification of the loan terms. This will effectively lower your instalment payments. But this will also increase the total interest paid. Tip: For this purpose, you want to fill out an income and expense worksheet. Be realistic. You can lower your expenses on paper. But it is another thing to do so in real life. As a result, you end up defaulting anyway.

Pay Your Debts

The more debts you have, the lower your credit rating. As a result, the bank has a reason to deny your modification request. But if you have excellent credit ratings, and actual ability to pay, then you have a very good chance of getting a better deal.

Timing is Important

Waiting several more months to put your finances in order and repair your credit report is enough to get you a better deal in the long run. If you think you can do this, then it is a better option to wait, and get a better deal on your Long Island loan modification.

Did You Experience Temporary Hardship?

The operative word here is temporary. You want to show your lender that your previous default is due t a temporary hardship i.e. sickness; lay off; accidents, etc. Write a hardship letter. Explain why you were not able to make payments. Ask for a modification that will allow you to pay the default on instalment and without penalties. A possible option is moving back the loan period the same number of months that you missed.

Know When to Push Hard

If you are sure that you should get a Long Island loan modification, and you have reason to believe that your lender overcharged you or committed breaches in their procedure and the law, then you need to hire a lawyer. This is because, the very moment you accuse a lender of wrongdoing, negotiations will stall down and their lawyers will step in. This is no longer a simple fight between right and wrong. This is now a legal battle that includes elaborate procedure and the correlation of several laws. At the very least you want to consult a lawyer or firm, to determine of you have a fighting chance.

The last thing you want is to go it alone, actually have just cause, and then be denied, because you did not know about rule son procedure and the deadlines for submission of your answer/reply.

Know When to Give Up

In some cases Long Island loan modification is not the right remedy for you. If this is the case and you keep pushing for the same, then you may end up losing more. Alternatives to modification may be a refinance, foreclosure or even bankruptcy.